The Truth on Hidden Human History || Final Wakeup Call

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The consciousness trap

But, soon people will discover who and what really has been going on, and who they really are, when they are discovering their true origin. On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have had almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, whereas on the other hand there are the Light Forces, the Patriots guided by Trump-Team who are making great efforts and progress to remove the dark negative forces off our planet as soon as they can.

The Great Awakening has begun

The hypnotic charm, lies in the manipulative lying influence. Fabricated up the illusion of creator god Thoth, of which none has any orientation on reality or truth. The reality is, we, as humanity, have been deceived and high jacked from our eternal paradise state. And that is what they do not want, we understand to becoming consciously aware of that fact. Because, in that event people’s great awakening has begun.

World Domination

The Galactic Federation collaborated with these groups in order to achieve world domination. They were also behind the mind control propaganda presenting the Anunnaki as the ‘Gods of planet Earth‘ and the ‘Solar System’, touting themselves as the divine angels who returned to help humanity expand their minds, thus seducing the world’s population into oppression with the aim of introducing their New World Order slavery agenda 2030.

Satanism, Freemasonry and all forms of paganism are anti-human and anti-natural. Centred on manipulation of energy and consciousness through Mind Control and deception, which is brought about through ritual-based ideology. These rituals create energy fields, vibrational frequencies, which connect the consciousness of the participants to the ‘Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda‘, of the Archon Reptile Kingdoms, and transform them into 4-Dimensional Parasites. The Archons with their base on Saturn send out AI containing Satanic belief systems to transmit these distortions to planet Earth.



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