White hats control everything – Nicholas Veniamin and Michelle Fielding (16.06.2021)

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Anons.news note: Please, form your own opinions on this. I found this video quite interesting and it is just another point of view on a situation with vaxxines.

Nicholas: Michelle is always very accurate in her channelings, except for the timelines. Why up to the timeline, because time doesn’t exist. Everything depends on our consciousness. The sooner we raise our consciousness, the sooner things happen. So let’s start talking about vaccines. People talk about magnets. What is this all about? It’s best if I let you do your presentation.

Michelle: I can start with vaccines. I’ve been asked quite a few questions about them in the last few days. My first question was, why do they keep magnets on people even if they’re not vaccinated? Because I have friends who have had this happen to them. The answer was that in some people this is a naturally occurring phenomenon. When I discussed this with Alexander Queen, who is more knowledgeable about magnetism, he said that some blood types create a magnetic field. So it is possible that some blood groups would emit this magnetism even without the vaccine.

Since this person was concerned that perhaps something from the environment had gotten into her body that could be creating this magnetism, I wanted to ask about that as well. So I asked if nano-materials had gotten into the water, food and air. Because I had heard from another source that they were adding these materials to our meat and things like that. The answer was: There has not yet been a need to add these materials to water, food or air. I asked why it was not necessary, to which I was told that it was a possible BK plan in case it was required for Tesla energy healing in the event of a possible further bio-attack. When we talked about using nanotech for nefarious purposes, I think BK took control of that plan and will use nanotech in a beneficial sense for healing. I also asked why would the president and the military need to put this technology in food, water and air? IF there was an event of a new bio attack, and I’m not saying there should be, this would be the fastest route of distribution if we needed help. They also said that the ground and air have already been sprayed and so used to remove C19 from the atmosphere. They sprayed something similar in chemical composition to hydroxychloroquine and also charcoal in liquid form. I’m neither a chemist nor a biologist and don’t know how this would work, so please if anyone knows, tell us. I’m just repeating the information I’m getting. Charcoal absorbs toxins and has been put into the air and water by the military.

I also asked whether the military has any plan to combat the effects of vaccines. Supposedly yes, they have several technologies (magnetic, light and sound resonance, use of detoxifying agents in water, air and on the ground). When I ask these questions, I struggle to understand why this is happening to people and why in this way when BK are in charge. It’s just another angle for you to make up your own mind on and do your own research.

Nicholas: Do you think this tech. Could somehow be connected to Starlink as well?

Michelle: Absolutely. I’ve been told in the past that Tesla healing will interact with Starlink and it will, in turn, interact with that “good” nanotech. I also asked if this magnetism from the vaccines will hurt people. I was told that magnetism comes from the hydrogel contained in the vaccine. This creates the connection. It connects with the nanotech and creates a circuit that communicates with Tesla healing. This component was put into vaccines by Big Pharma at the direction of BK and Trump. According to the information, the vaccines are under the control of BK and the CC have no operational control. I have been told this repeatedly.

I have also asked to speak to Dr. Cahill about magnetism. She said we need to see the ingredient list of the vaccine to see the origin of magnetism, and when she looked at it, she saw no such ingredient. Only if they leave something out on purpose. So I asked and got info that hydrogel is added in. Hydrogel reacts to magnetic waves which are not harmful if used with Tesla tech. So I asked who knew about these magnetic materials and the answer was the military, Trump and Big Pharma. They also confirmed to me that something is being left off the ingredient list. That would explain why the magnetism appears at the injection site, and then all over the body. I asked if hydrogel is omitted, but they said they omit nanotech from the list. Nanotech is not magnetic on its own, but when combined with hydrogel and a certain frequency, it becomes a magnetic nanogel.

So are some blood types more magnetic? I just wanted to confirm that. Yes, some contain a higher concentration of iron and this can affect magnetism, but this is not why magnets stick to the body. It’s the hydrogel again.

Nicholas: Then why do people die, have miscarriages, diseases, symptoms? Why is this happening if the BKs have it under control?

Michelle: I have a couple of theories of my own. Like people are dying from flu shots, maybe these are allergic reactions or other reasons. In some cases, it could be coincidences. Maybe in the same way that we’ve been lied to about C19 deaths and statistics, maybe in this case it’s the same way. Do we really know what is going on?

In another question, I asked, why do people get C19 despite being vaccinated? The answer was: the vaccine is harmless and there are no substances in it to fight C19. So, what is actually in it? Harmless in this case means that it is not designed to fight the disease. It has saline, hydrogel and organic zinc and vitamin C in it. It’s not in all of them, but it’s in most of them. The ones that are under BK control are harmless, but not all are under their control. Most have been traced by the military globally since the beginning of the manufacturing process, but some have been modified by Chinese entities and they wouldn’t tell me more. The information about the military was confirmed to me by a friend’s son who was in charge of tracking the distribution of “safe vaccines “with so called “good” mRNA = magnetic resonance imaging.

Nicholas: What about people who are fully awake, or don’t support vax, or want it, and won’t inject anything? How are we protected from future attack/emergency?

Michelle: We vibrate differently than they do. Our consciousness vibrates at a higher level. It’s like an insect that vibrates at one level and can only attack at the same level. Our high vibration and consciousness doesn’t even see, can’t even attack us.

Nicholas: Do you think this future event of attack would be on a psychological level?

Michelle: It could be similar to what we’re experiencing now, but they don’t want to answer me on that right now. Because there’s not always time to find out everything.

Nicholas: Is it possible that if we’re vibrating high, we wouldn’t even get a cold? I, for example, haven’t had a cold for the last three years. I don’t know anyone who has woken up and gone back to sleep. Since then our vibration is simply higher, our consciousness is higher, so we are protected.

Michelle: The other thing is that if there’s this detoxifying mixture in the air, maybe that’s another reason why people like that don’t get sick.

Michelle: Another thing used as a distraction is the climate disaster, the climate crisis. All events are arranged to show people what’s important and how to appreciate what they have. All crises are meant to awaken people to introspection and the ability to appreciate what they have and to value what they have. When they do this, it helps them raise their consciousness. I asked if these distractions work. Yes and no. Because of the profound previous programming by the media, it affects how quickly and deeply people can awaken. We need more time and new events and distractions. The BKs are taking advantage of what was originally supposed to be a dark agenda and using events like this to get the word out to those who can’t wake up.

They also said that all timelines have slowed down. We won’t see any huge changes before the end of 2021. So that means we will wait for QFS and lockdowns will take some time. Nothing will be resolved as quickly as we thought. It’s all due to the slow rise of collective consciousness, and when people are able to rise strongly in the fight for their sovereignty, it will accelerate. However, if we are slow to awaken, the timelines are also slowing down. The good is not gonna manifest until we reach 60% in our collective consciousness. This means we need to balance our vibration and light collectively at 60%. If I have 100% light, you have 100%, but your neighbour only has 5%, all we have to do is join together and from above they will see the timeline speed up when the 60% light is added up. It doesn’t mean that 60% of humanity has to wake up. That’s why things have slowed down, slowed down and the few awakened need to get to a faster level. Things like med beds and other new world stuff won’t work unless we are at that level.

They also told me about the emergency system. I asked if there would be an emergency broadcast. I was told that it would not be necessary, but there would be broadcasts of truths that the unawakened did not want to know about. The truth would come quickly and briskly to help awaken all of humanity in a safe way. The point is to bring the truth in subtle waves so that the awakening and the growth of awareness can be monitored. Too much truth too quickly, they say, could be counterproductive. For we are at a delicate turning point. There is a web of light around the planet that is helping us to maintain what we have already achieved, so we need to move forward slowly. We are very close and we do not want to rush just because of our impatience. That is why we never know the exact times. We never know who will wake up when. Don’t start thinking that it is not working. Stop getting distracted. We are lightworkers, we hold the light, and we must keep working and growing higher to collectively reach our goal as quickly as possible. We need every little bit of light.

Many people have contacted me saying they have dreams of DT. The response was that Mr. T was sent as a catalyst for awakening. And that people in a dream state are free from programming and are able to see him in what he represents and what his purpose is. This then helps them to keep faith in the new world and that Mr. T is a symbol of the new world, the world of love, the Golden Age. It is a good thing, these dreams, for it can reassure the patriots on their journey and in their faith and the sleepers it leads to awakening. I asked: Are these people part of his “soul group”/soul group? You know, on earth we travel in so-called soul groups. They told me yes and no. This is because they are on his timeline to the awakening of humanity and it helps them to keep their enthusiasm and focus on their journey.

I also asked about ZIM and when the funds will be distributed to those who will distribute the funds further. I was told that this process has already begun for the first layer. The first layer is the military. Next, the military will distribute fairly according to strict protocols that will prevent unfair activities. The quantum system will monitor all transactions and is expected to reach the second tier of distributors by the end of June 2021, where we are now. It’s being monitored along with election audits. The official election results in favour of Mr T have to be announced first. Since it looks like we have delays in the audits, this money has not reached the second tier yet. We are awaiting the results of the audits. I think Mr B will officially resign in favour of Mr T. My understanding is that Mr B has already been arrested and is just following orders. To keep the peace, at the moment we only see a pre-prepared story unfolding.

Nicholas: It all sounds very logical. What is happening is no longer for us woke ones, it is happening for the sleepers. Everything is optics. Where do you think the MSM’s position is at the moment? It looks like different information is slowly getting out.

Michelle: I had a vision a while ago of the military telling the MSM: you either do what we tell you or you will be shut down. I think that’s what’s happening now. A lot of truth is getting into the MSM and I think it’s coming in exactly the small doses as planned to reverse the deep sleeper programming. This is so that people don’t panic and fear, so that their consciousness isn’t lowered. Even if you see something frightening, know that the BKs have it under control. Things happen this way because the programming of the programmed needs to be reversed. They would not be able to process the information if it were given to them all at once.

Nicholas: So if you show them that, they need to start thinking for themselves and do their own research.

Michelle: Yes, that’s how it works. You use old practices to reverse them that way. Everything is done just for the sake of awakening.

Nicholas: Exactly, it’s even so obvious, so many contradictions. You say to yourself, are they really that stupid? It’s obvious to us, but they need to start thinking about it.

Michelle: Yeah, it’s all just pantomime and that’s what they keep telling me. Everything has already happened, even before Mr T came in, he was just the catalyst. Now it’s up to us to complete the process.


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