Who Can you Trust? Truth Comes from within

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Whilst the answer to the above question is a rather simple one, it is strange, or not, that few are willing to discover for themselves, what is true or false.

Some are in fact even afraid to find the answers, others gladly take advantage of the confusion to benefit  themselves by deliberately making additional public statements, that are never to be proven, or are deliberately misleading and false. Yet some people subscribe to these sites and shower them with donations? This only suggest, that in so doing, they are willing to pay those who feed their own belief system without questioning, or checking if the information is true, or false. Personally, I have found those who continuously claim to get “intel” information, or claim to have intel “contacts” are just spinning what they think you want to hear, and keep you on a line whilst you keep on donating in good faith.

Please understand that we are in a war, a battle between good and evil between freedom or continued slavery. The notion that the Deep State intends to reduce earth population by 85% is real. Neither you or me, or our families and loved ones, are exempt. Now that is a frightening prospect, and means that our lives have no value to these evil monsters. That is why they refer to us a ‘goyim‘ i.e. we are just cattle and not even human.  It reminds me of the movie Spartacus, where the slaves planed to escape to freedom from their known and obvious doom and demise. Could imagine anyone telling the Romans of their plan? Well, be assured, that no-one knows this PLAN. But if you connect the dots, you realise that we are making real progress towards a wonderful and peaceful new existence. A World most of us cannot even imagine, today.

It is obvious, that we have been deliberately lulled to sleep by MSM, and education programs, to allow others to think and reason for us. This is in real terms mind-conditioning. Maybe this was just convenient for some. However, the fact is, that in so doing our minds have become stagnated, and become slow to operate. We no longer are able to distinguish the trees from the forest. This allowed us to become vulnerable, easily manipulated and being taken down the garden path.  

It is now high time, that we truly wake up, think for ourselves, and become responsible for our own actions. Once you try, and use your own mind, you are bound to discover that thinking is not really that hard. However, it allows you to self-reason and derive at truths and solutions yourself. All truth is to be found within each of us, not without. You only resonate with truth from within out.

So let us have an attempt to self-reason information, that has been forwarded to us recently. For example:

1. we already do know, that one of the Supreme Court’s main duties is to defend the Constitution of the republic,

2. we are also aware that 2 additional Justices,  were nominated by President Trump that had a reputation and were known, to be staunch defenders of the Constitution.

3. On 2 November 2020, President Trump re-signed into law the original Republic of the united States of America.

4. This action had then, the following legal consequences:

a) The election held on 3 Nov 2020 was an election for the presidency of US Inc, the corporation that unlawfully acted in lieu of the original Republic, and which had an different and falsified constitution, one that was never approved by We, the American People, the sovereigns of the Republic;

b) Many of us do know, that Washington D.C. is foreign territory and is not part of the original American Republic;

c) We do know beyond doubt, that the election for the presidency of US Inc was stolen (and allowed to be);

d) We do know, that Washington D.C. has been barricaded in, to set it apart from the rest of the original American Republic;

e) We do know, that thousands of National Guards are inside Washington D.C. but no American Military. The National Guard were requested, and thus invited, by the Congress. Had the American Military gone into D.Cit would have violated international law as it would have constituted an invasion of sovereign foreign soil;

f) In essence team Biden won, or rather stole in reality only the presidency of Washington D.C. It is for this reason, the American Military will not, and cannot take orders from a person who represent a foreign State;

g) Now the same applies to Supreme Court Justices, who were totally correct in returning without comment, the writs that had been filed regarding the alleged fraud, of what in reality, was the election within a foreign State. Supreme Court Justices being subject to the original constitution post 2 November 2020, were legally barred from dealing with election issues of a foreign [D.C.] State.

Those who cried foul, calling the Justices, who voted not to receive the writs, traitors, and worse, owe in reality a huge THANK YOU to them for upholding their oath to the original and now current constitution of the original re-established Republic, which had been restored on 2 Nov 2020. These Justices are of the highest integrity and acted at all time in accordance to their oath office, the Constitution, and in the best interest of all American Patriots.

Now my point is, that most People know, or had reason to know, that something was not adding up. But instead of utilising their own mind and connect one dot after the other, they wish to rely on others, who they will reward with donations, for keeping them “updated“.

Please consider for a moment where we are at present, and where we a wish to move to. It is impertinent, that we all remove our blinkers and seek the truth that stares us in the eyes.  Don’t be led by others, because they will take advantage of your ignorance. They seek not to help others, but themselves. Just take your time and connect to your own mind and heart. Just seek to connect just one dot at a time, but don’t expect to read it, or hear about it from without. The TRUTH lies already asleep deep within your own mind. WAKE it UP.

Seek and thou will find.

God Bless America
God Bless Team Trump and the Galactic alliance
God Bless Kimberley Goguen and the THI movement
God Bless We, the People of this Earth





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